Capture your memories

Keep track of everything you want to remember from books to read, series to watch or places to visit. And transform your day-to-day life into long-term memories.

It feels great to remember. Discover how!

Remember what matters to you

  • The Memorizer app makes it easy to memorize, search and share everything that counts in your life.
  • It transforms pictures into organized souvenirs and helps you to remember all the great things you’ve done or want to do.

Take pictures and create memories

  • With our instant image recognition, you save anything at the right place in a few seconds.
  • You then just have to add at your convenience any additional note, description, personal feeling and rating.

For a better memory, a better culture, a better life

Rediscover your past...

  • Add all your favorite books, recipes, concerts, places you've visited... and watch your life redrawn in front of you.
  • Come back anytime you have forgotten something important or when you just want to look at the big picture of your life.

... and prepare the future

  • Create your visual to do lists, from books to read, or wine to purchase, to places to visit.
  • Add them to “done” when finally completed so that you make sure to enjoy...and to remember!

Life is short and in the end, only memories remain

So it begins...

  • We're excited to share our story with you. It’s a simple story about life moving too fast and a rapidly changing society that keeps us away from the things that truly matter. It is everyone’s story.

    We're going to draw a user every month to create a video of their story, using their memories saved in the Memorizer app. Download the app now to participate!

Build with us your best personal development fellow

Coming soon...

Improve your memory

  • We are working hard to build an app that will help you improve your memory.
  • We are planning to create many cool features like quizzes about your own life, to help you remember better while reviving great moments.

Feel good

  • We are building tools to help you delete useless pictures that pollute your gallery, your memory and finally earth!
  • Like a room well tied up, we’ll make sure you’ll better organize your past and your future.

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