Your life is memorable

It’s 2022 and we still forget 89% of the cool things we do. A unique way to save your memories and discover your friends’ golden nuggets.

★★★★★ 4,7/5

Save memories in a few seconds

With the help of our artificial intelligence, you save anything at the right place.


You don’t have a picture for your memory? We’ll find you the right one from the web.

The app of a lifetime

Discover why we are doing all this! 🙂              

Discover your friends’ golden nuggets!


Share your best memories with your friends.


Get inspired and save anything easily in your to-do lists.

Create Next Gen To do lists…

Remember everything you want to do: cool tips from friends, influencers, recommandations heard on radio or tv…


Stop loosing this precious information in your old and boring note apps!

…and remember your past


Add all your favorite books, recipes, concerts, places you’ve visited… and watch your life redrawn in front of you.


Stop loosing these interesting pictures, screenshots, notes thanks to our powerful search.

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