Make your life memorable

Track in one place all your favorite activities (watching movies, reading books, going out, exploring new cities…) & get inspired by your friends, the community and the AI assistant.

★★★★★ 4,7/5 (3 500 ratings)

Everything in one place


Create different lists to store all your activities in one place.


You don’t have a good picture for your memory? We’ll find you the right one from the web.

Save everything you love


Rate your activities out of 10 and write what you want to remember.


For all the things you’ve loved but also the things you want to do.

Always get the the right idea using our generative AI...

Our artificial intelligence recommends you activities based on those you’ve already saved and loved.

…and your friends’ recs


Follow friends or use groups to get inspirations from people you trust.


Share your favorites with your friends or the whole community.

List your desires and create your memories…

Remember everything you want to do: cool tips from friends, influencers, recommendations heard on radio or tv…


Stop losing this precious information in your old and boring notes apps!

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