It begins…

From an Unanswered Question…


How many times have you found yourself trying to remember or being reminded of something you’ve forgotten? 

A family vacation, a book you plan on reading, an amazing dish you once tried, a party with your friends, a place you want to visit or simply your parking spot.

Chances are, like most of us, quite a lot.

Memory is one of the unsolved mysteries of the brain.

So many questions, and no easy answers… overwhelmed by life pressures and information overload in the digital age, we tend to forget  things easily.

It wasn’t just us


70% of the people we surveyed said they are regularly or very often upset because they can’t remember something.
96% would like to remember better the experiences they lived.
72% take pictures to remember things they don’t want to forget.
72% also think these pictures often end up lost amongst their whole photo library.​

There had to be a better way


We believe that our memory is the organic matter of intelligence. 

How can I develop my cultural knowledge if I often forget my past experiences?

How can I become an artist, if I can’t remember the paintings that inspired me?

How can I fall in love with a wonderful bottle of wine yet not remember it’s name?


We have the ambitions to solve, with a single mobile app, all these problems and help you build a better memory, and a better life.

…to a game-changing app


Memorizer has been thought to answer these questions. The ability to remember better all the important things in life and progressively build a deeper memory. Important to us: we are not here to replace your memory, we are here to help improve your memory!

Your memories in photos in one place.


With a mobile phone at everyone’s fingertips, it’s easier than ever to capture photos of just about every moment in our lives. But it’s also hard to find those moments worth remembering. On average 150 new photos from everyday life are added to our gallery each month – holidays, food, pets, parties, selfies, birthdays… Even if you end up going through all your photos, keeping them organized can be difficult and time-consuming.


So we came up with an app that helps you capture, create, organize, & share moments to remember the things you’ve done or want to do.

Why Memorizer

Culture: Recall your culture knowledge, use this experience to build for the future.

Meaning of life: Feel grateful, be proud of yourself and leave a legacy.

Social impact: Share privately with only a select group of people.

Personal development: Put your personal life in the center.

Positive thinking: Celebrate the little things as well as the big events.

The Memorizer app is now available on the App store and on the Play Store.

App Store

Google play

Charles Baron

Memorizer CEO & founder

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